New EP From Chance on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby!

The first of two EP’s I’m releasing this year is now available on iTunes, and CD Baby!

“Space Cadet Glow,” is a 6 song EP consisting of five previously unreleased songs by myself that span the rock genre, from acoustic to electric, and one unreleased recording written by Roger DeWater (Strange Brew, Bad Karma) and recorded by the band Bad Karma. Consider it a buffet of music from your favorite artists and you get to add bacon at no additional charge. This is a project I’ve had in the works for sometime now and I’m really excited about getting out to market. Digital downloads start at $0.99 and the EP price is $5.99.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


Chance Munsterman

Chance Munsterman: Space Cadet Glow

Written by chance

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