The Future… 2013 and Beyond

Hey Everyone,

So there has been much rumor and speculation, about the band, as well as the direction we have taken over the last few months. So, I wanted to set the record straight.

My schedule at my job has been increasingly more difficult to schedule gigs over the last few months, and I want to recognize my bothers for accepting the fact that, while I love this band more than I love most things… my job and my family come first.

I want to play as much as I can, but with working a retail schedule, I am often times limited in what I can and can’t do. We have a valued friend and musician in Dave Corley who has not only stepped up to the plate to help us out in a pinch, but has come become a part of our brotherhood.

I have just posted all of the dates we have for the rest of 2013, and there are several dates in which I can not perform due to work, and therefore we have our good friend Dave to lead the band and take care of a several dates we have posted.

I want everyone to know that has supported us over the the years, that I not only support Dave and his huge musical talent, I appreciate him in everything he has done for Bad Karma over the last few months. I want everyone to know, that as far as I am concerned, Dave Corley is the fifth member of Bad Karma and where I can not be, he will.

He is a part of Bad Karma as others in this band have come and gone, and he not only brings an element of surprise and new offerings, he is a valued friend and brother that I trust with the legacy which we have shared, with so many of you over the years.

I hope that you all understand, and I will continue to play as much as I can. I am not interested in leaving, quitting, giving up or pursuing a solo or side project. I have played with and will continue to play with other artists in the area and I’m very proud of the relationships that I have made over the years in the DFW music scene. This is not a farewell, but simply a new chapter in this musical venture known as Bad Karma.

Truth be known, to those that don’t know… Bad Karma started in 1994 with our good friend Roger DeWater and a female lead singer named Connie. When the band Strange Brew broke up and Roger and I decided to continue on with a band, he suggested the name Bad Karma and it’s stuck ever since.

When Roger decided that he wanted to move on and pursue other ventures, I asked that I could continue with what we had built together and use the name still. I got his blessing, and the rest is history.

So Bad Karma lives on, and we have new friends, and may I say, very talented musicians, helping us out on our journey, but I could not think of anyone more experienced, and or humbled to be a part of what we have created over the years, more than Dave.

Dave… Thank you for being who you are, and I’m proud to say that you are not just another guy helping us out, but I am proud to say, I’m glad you are a part of Bad Karma and will be for years to come.

I hope this clears up what some of you have been thinking, but at the end of the day, Dave Corley is just as much as a member of Bad Karma, as he is a friend to me.

If there are any other questions, feel feee to message me or call, but consider Bad Karma as a 5 piece band going forward, unless of course I can’t make it on time ; )

Thank you to my friends and especially, thank you to Bad Karma.


Written by chance

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