Bad Karma Live at Marvelous Nerd Year’s Eve!


Ok everyone… There will be a lot of information coming about the ins and outs of what I’m getting ready to post, as well as a lot of questions (as I’m already getting them from the few of you that know), so I’ll direct you all to all the right places for more information.

So what’s the big announcement?

Bad Karma will be headlining New Year’s Eve at the Sheraton Dallas for the Marvelous Nerd Year’s Eve Expo featuring Stan Lee in his final convention appearance! We will be the entertainment for the VIP party and you can expect not only a lot of kick ass rock music from our 15+ year history, there will be more celebrities than you can count at what’s going to be the “Event to End All Events for 2016!”

A full list of all the activities, festivities and celebrities gracing the expo for the 4 days it will be going on can all be found on the web site, however I’ll be sending the invite to the actual event via our Facebook page, as well as have all the information posted on our website, but to get started the best place to go is:


This is a ticketed event, and in order to get into the expo and the show to see us play you will need to get the VIP access pass. Tickets for this party are exclusive and you can’t get in without one. They are $75.00 and you can get tickets to the expo itself on any day including NYE, however in order to get into the VIP party that is a ticket on it’s own with all access to the rest of the parties that will be going on.

Look for the invite coming soon and I hope to see you all there. This is certainly one of the biggest events we’ve ever played and we hope that all of you can experience it with us.

I will also have all the information posted on our website at

Follow us on Twitter for all the info as it comes out as well @badkarmadfw

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