Brian Martini – Drums

Brian Martini has covered a lot of musical ground in his tenure behind the kit and words like solid, powerful, and creative only begin to describe his talents. In his earlier years as a rock and hard rock player, his bed-rock sound was always an integral part of any band he was in. He really hit his stride with the Christian rock band Philadelphia, when the band had received national recognition with two Top 20 radio air play songs from their debut album, “Tell The Truth” one song reaching the number two slot for several weeks.

His fully customized and rather elaborate stage setup of those days went seamlessly with his over the top playing style. No other drummer in this area could deny that Martini’s performances with Philadelphia were anything less than a sonic and visual display of skill mixed with a genuine love for the music. Not being a one hat kind of musician, Martini has grown over the years musically, performing in many Classic Rock and R&B cover bands, even a Led Zeppelin Tribute band. Like with any musician, the music is a passionate driving force within you, and these words could not ring more true than with Brian Martini. As a member of Bad Karma, he has found himself at yet another junction in his life where the passion for playing music is stronger than ever.

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